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Release Module for automatically filling a site with films / Automatic movie import DLE / English version


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21 Maggio 2020
The module is designed to fill your site with movies in automatic mode. Below this article there will be links to download the module and the finished script DataLife Engine 14.0 UTF-8 with the module already installed and configured, which should upload files to the server and run install.php

Module Installation:
Install DataLife Engine 14.0 UTF-8 if you don’t have one.

Go to the admin panel, Utilities -> Upload plugin, select the downloaded archive. Installation completed

Module settings:
Other modules -> Automatic Movie Import

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DLE 14.0 UTF-8 nulled script with the module installed:
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Perfavore, Entra oppure Registrati per vedere i Link!

login: test
password: testtest

Each visit launches the /engine/ajax/automatic_movie.php file, depending on the settings, a new publication is added or a pause occurs, the process can be monitored in the developer's console.

If you do not want to wait for a real visit to the site, add the file in your_site.com/engine/ajax/automatic_movie.php to the cron scheduler.

Voice acting in the player, posters and other materials in English.