Release [RELEASE] ButterBit 2.0.8 [FIX]


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16 Ottobre 2016
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ButterBit 2.0.8

Today I want to post the resumption of a new project called butterbit. It is an emulator based on Uber is currently butterbit to 2.0.8 it is to build Habbo PRODUCTION-201607262204-86871104. Every month on the site will come out new versions of the emulator. It has the new catalog habbo and pack also includes the database with furni and swf.

Let the screen:
View attachment 7814
View attachment 7813

Let the download and virustotal:
Perfavore, Entra oppure Registrati per vedere i Link!

Perfavore, Entra oppure Registrati per vedere i Link!

If you need help answer the topic in English or on the site. I recall that every month will post available on sourceforge and sciax2. Bye
because it Was Easier because I had not rate everything from 0, Only keys and fix catalog. I remember that every month there will be a stable release or trial.